About Us

The revolutionary Veg Oxi MP is a  food additive,  which has  antioxidant, acidulant and  preservative properties  that  maintain  sensory quality and extend  the shelf life of  fruits and vegetables ready-to-eat,  without altering the  natural flavor, an unprecedent factor in the world.

It is  a natural innovation solution, to replace completely the  non healthy  preservatives, such as  sulphites larged  used in the food industry worldwide.

Fruits and vegetables undergo natural oxidation or browning which has the potential to drastically shorten the period of consumer acceptance of cut fresh produce. Previously additives such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid, and sodium metabisulphite, were used to slow this process but all gave an unpalatable bitter taste further reducing the consumer appeal of this produce. Emerging scientific research on food additives coupled with a growing consumer demand for minimally processed foods drove the need for an alternative product that could delay the oxidation of cut fruit and vegetables without negatively altering their original flavour.

The innovative development of Veg Oxi MP is a revolution in the prevention of food spoilage space. Developed by Dr Roseane Bob , Veg Oxi MP is a 100% natural, sustainable product containing the active ingredient of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), able to completely replace other preservatives used in the food industry.

Whilst Veg Oxi MP relies on the successful track record and reliability of ascorbic acid as the active principle, it differs as the patented Veg Oxi MP formulation uniquely does not alter or diminish the original taste of ready-to-eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Veg Oxi MP  can actively contribute to reducing the estimated 40% of wasted fruits and vegetables globally and in doing so contribute positively to conserving available precious water.

What we do

Due to the natural oxidation and its undesirable consequences on Fruits and Vegetables (“FV”), it is estimated that a minimum of 40% of all production is wasted with quality problems and product logistics.

By using our product (“Veg Oxi MP”) businesses can half their losses, grow to new markets and nurture customer relationships selling a healthier FV while keeping operating costs low.

We are able to supply the Veg Oxi MP at any quantity to clients worldwide ensuring they consistently deliver outstanding quality and extended FV shelf life to their customer’s base without increase of the price.

Progress to date

We are already selling our product  Veg Oxi MP in Brazil since 2016. Thenceforward we have seen our business grow from strength to strength, but we need help to bring it  in Australia.

Naturally we have patented our product it was accepted without objection by ALL 152 countries of the PCT, including Australia. In Brazil the product is approved by the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA). In Australia the product has been approved as safe to be inserted in the food chain by an Australian NATA(“National Association of Testing Authorities” ) Certified laboratory.

Also we are prepared to provide samples to demonstrate the qualities of our product. We have also developed new products. At the end of 2018 we closed another deal with a large wine manufacturer in Adelaide, South Australia, who is trialling our Veg Oxi J to replace the generally accepted addition of sulphur as preservative.

Our Team & Resources

Our team has a wealth of knowledge spanning Customer Experience and Success to the food industry development and agribusiness technologies.

Dr Roseane Bob,  co-founder, who is incredidly passionate about ready - to - eat fruits and vegetables industry  is a experient  food technologist also  scientist that has many years of a solid background and  world experience in the full process of ready-to-eat vegetable/fruit industry as well  extensive knowledge of food quality.

Mr MaCson Queiroz, co -founder  is a Engineer and businessman.

Meet the huge Innovation

  • Extend shelf life of fresh ready- to-eat vegetables and fruits, without changing the natural flavor.

  •  100% Natural, Organic and Vegan Product; 
  • Maintains the health of vegetables and fruits ready-to-eat;
  • Reduces food waste;
  • Replaces metabisulphite with great advantages;
  • Reduces water consumption;
  • It is highly effective in combating strawberry mold. It can be used in post-harvest strawberries and processed whole or chopped strawberries;
  • Increases fresh ready to eat vegetables and fruits profits.


An Australian Nata Certified laboratory already assured the Veg Oxi MP is safe to be inserted in the food chain.

NATA Certificate of Analysis

Our Ask

Veg Oxi MP is being commercialised  in  Brazil  with corporate partners to entire ranges of minimally processed fruits and vegetables.  The product has successfully accessed agribusiness supply chains including primary producers, wholesalers, supermarkets, fast-food chains, food service and convenience stores. The technology has been particularly successful in the ready to eat fruits and vegetables industry as well hospitality sector with hotels, resorts, restaurants and air and sea caterings.

Investing in the Veg Oxi MP means will provide benefits for health and sustainability. As it already been established on the Brazil  market, has a reliable  customers data base  and business model in operation.